Public & Media campaign specialist services for We Exist! Network

The campaign specialist will work with the We Exist Network (WE) coordinator, to develop a public & media campaign within the available capacity and resources of WE. The campaign specialist will support WE in the implementation of this campaign.


IMPACT – Civil Society Research and Development e.V. , founded in Berlin in 2013, is a non-profit civil society organization with offices in Iraq, Turkey and Syria. Civil society support is the core of IMPACT’s mission through long-term and balanced support to individuals and organizations in the conflict and developed countries. IMPACT main areas of intervention are capacity building, research, peace building and diaspora engagement.

IMPACT hosts the “WE” project : a Syrian led network of Syrian organizations focused on advocacy and campaigning to bring forward the voice of Syrian changemakers. WE aims to “bring together active, vibrant and dynamic civil society organizations to ensure the voice and agency of Syrians is at the forefront of discussions about Syria’s future.” WE works actively with other coordination groups. The network is also the current host of the Syrian Civil Society Networks Platform, which gathers 9 Syrian Civil Society networks that collaborate and coordinate together.


The overall objective of the consultation is to support the WE coordinator, in elaborating, and implementing a public and media campaign that targets public opinion across Europe, to raise awareness around the Syrian crisis including the dire humanitarian situation in Syria and the human rights violations.


The assignment is 1- to provide WE with an idea of a public campaign aiming at raising awareness around the Syrian crisis among Europe, and 2- to execute and implement this campaign. This campaign may take the form of a traditional campaign, a video, a visual design, etc.

3.1.        The consultancy aims to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To support WE to develop a concrete achievable action plan for their public/media campaigns to target public opinion in Europe within the available capacities and resources;
  2. To support the WE coordinator to utilize the capacities and resources to achieve the goals of the advocacy plan;
  3. To support the WE coordinator and members in implementing and assessing their campaign plan.

3.2.        Methodology:

Even though there will be a quiet space for creativity in this consultancy, there should be basic standards for the methodology. The consultants are welcomed to share their points of view on methodology in their technical offer.

3.2.1.   Desk review: The consultant will hold at least 2 online meetings with the WE coordinator to understand the WE strategy, current plans and needs in terms of campaigning

3.2.2.   Proposition of a campaign plan (what form would the campaign take, what format is going to produced, which tools should be used to promote it, on what platforms should it be released)

3.2.3.   Submitting a report at the end of the campaign, to assess the impact it has had

3.3.        Key deliverables:

Following deliverables are expected from the service provider:

  • The consultant will provide a campaigning action plan (nature of the content produced, expected reach out among european audience, dissemination plan)
  • The consultant will provide the campaign product
  • The consultant will provide a closing report at the end of the consultancy period, assessing the impact of the campaign

3.4.        Location:

The totality of the tasks of this consultation will be online. Consultants based in Europe, or who have worked on campaigns in Europe are strongly encouraged to apply.


3.5.        Timeframe:

This is a short-term assignment for both individual consultants and agencies, within a timeframe of 4 weeks. Tentatively, this assignment will start on December 5th 2022 (dates shall be confirmed).

3.6.        Duties and responsibilities:

The consultant or their representative person will:

  • Sign with IMPACT a consultancy agreement ;
  • Discuss and agree with IMPACT on the final deliverables;
  • Design an appropriate process for the consultancy, leading to the desired results;
  • Propose the most appropriate methodology for effective delivery of the assignment;
  • Submit an action plan;
  • Compile and submit a report on the results of the campaign

3.7.        Skills/competencies:

  • A Master’s degree in communication, marketing, or another related field or equivalent experience. In case the candidate is an agency, the agency shall have a proven track record, with a significant experience in conducting and/or producing media campaigns
  • A minimum of 3 years of experience working in communication, campaigning, public relations or a related field, preferably within an environment related to societal issues or human rights work
  • Experience working in media/social media campaigns targeting public opinion in Europe
  • A demonstrated high level of professionalism and an ability to work independently and with multiple partners
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in English
  • Candidates with strong credibility and popularity among the European public audience will be a strong plus

3.8       Language

The language of this consultancy including all deliverables and communication is English.


The Consultant/ representative person/ firms are required to submit their proposal (including the technical and financial aspects) to the IMPACT HR department in English via the application link


The technical proposal should include but not limited to the following information:

  • A brief outline of recent experience and client references in carrying out assignments of similar nature (max. 1 page)
  • A detailed description of how the consultant/firm understands and will respond to the ToR including a timeframe;
  • A Curriculum Vitae of consultant(s) or a small portfolio in case the applicant is an agency
  • The consultant’s method to provide this consultancy

The financial proposal must contain overall quotation in Euro for all the services to be provided and must follows the following:

  • Summary of the total costs for the services proposed
  • Any taxes applicable

100% of the payment will be released to the service provider after completing the consultancy mission. Any other agreement may be negotiated, in case the production requires some costs in advance, and will have to be discussed with IMPACT.


Kindly use the following  link to apply.


Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Due to a time constraint to conduct this project, and because this is an extension of a previous offer, IMPACT reserves the right to proceed with one applicant, should they be perfectly suitable for this task, and this without waiting for the closing of this application. Should you not have heard from us within 2 weeks after the application deadline, please consider your application as being unsuccessful.


The following criteria will be used to determine the suitable applicant:

  • Experience working in media/social media campaigns targeting public opinion in Europe
  • Legitimacy or popularity among the European audience or at least in one european country
  • Quality of the proposed campaign plan and expected outreach among the European audience targeted
  • Availability of the applicant to start as soon as possible


IMPACT aims to create an organization that is safe for children but is also aware of the need to keep child protection concerns proportionate and to guard against overzealous attitudes. Child abuse thrives in closed and secretive atmospheres. IMPACT’s best protection is to create an open and aware culture where people are not afraid to speak about their concerns.

Any employee, consultant, contractor, or the supplier undertaking an activity on behalf of IMPACT organization must sign the Child Safeguarding – Declaration of Acceptance Form and comply with the IMPACT Child Safeguarding Policy which is a statement of IMPACT’s commitment to preventing abuse and protecting children with whom it comes into contact.