Consultant\ Dialogue Sessions Moderator

The consultant will lead the process of conducting 4 dialogue sessions among Syrian civil society organizations who are based in different regions inside and outside Syria , and work in different sectors. The consultant with the support of the project team will build the content and agenda of the sessions, in addition he/she will moderate the discussions among participants to come up with a joint roadmap for next year’s dialogue activities.  


  • IMPACT – Civil Society Research and Development e.V. , founded in Berlin in 2013, is a non-profit civil society organization with offices in Iraq, Turkey and Syria. Civil society support is the core of IMPACT’s mission through long-term and balanced support to individuals and organizations in the conflict and developed countries. IMPACT main areas of intervention are capacity building, research, peace building and diaspora engagement.
  • The Syrian Civil Society Network Platform (SCNP), a platform of 9 civil society networks, formed in early 2019, aims to act as a cross-country, cross network coordination platform. It aims “to strengthen the collaboration, capacity, and voices of rights-based Syrian civil society and diaspora networks and build dialogue and solidarity between Syrian organizations.”

In the past 10 years, and with the evolution of Syrian civil society, the fragmentation of the country is affecting the channels of communication between Syrian civil society in the diaspora, and across the areas of military control inside Syria.

Since the establishment of SCNP, the platform has been providing a Syrian space for Syrian civil society networks to  1) discuss their strategies, challenges they are facing, and 2) share experiences and knowledge about each other’s work especially that the platform is bringing together networks of Syrian diaspora organizations from different countries, who are working in different sectors.



The overall objective of this consultation is to bring together different Syrian actors from different regions and from different sectors to work on building joint perspectives on specific themes that are of their mutual interest, through conducting 4 dialogue sessions between Syrian civil society networks and organizations in the diaspora, and inside Syria. The aim of those dialogue sessions is to facilitate the communication among these actors toward building a joint roadmap on specific themes to work on in the next year 2023. It also aims to link Syrian diaspora organizations with their counterparts within Syria.


The assignment is to provide 4 working days of consultancy within 2 months of the project. During this period the consultant will work closely with the SCNP coordinator to set the agenda, moderate the discussions, and build the roadmap for 2023.

3.1.        The consultancy is aimed to achieve following objectives:

  1. Setting up the agenda for the 4 dialogue sessions
  2. Moderate the discussions in the 4 sessions
  3. A joint roadmap for the dialogue activities for 2023 as a final product that comes out of the previous discussions.

3.2.        METHODOLOGY:

Even there will be a quiet space for creativity in this consultancy, but there should be basic standards for the methodology. The consultants are welcomed to share their points of view on methodology in their technical offer, knowing that the participants and main themes have already been chosen by SCNP.


3.3.1.   Following deliverables are expected from the service  provider:

  • Methodology of building the roadmap and a detailed work plan within the first week of the contracting period.
  • Agenda for all 4 sessions in the first week of the consultancy.
  • Draft version of the roadmap on 5th week, and Final version of the road map on the 8th week of the consultancy.

3.4.        LOCATION:

3.4.1. The tasks of this consultation will be online.


3.5.        TIMEFRAME

3.5.1.   This is a short-term assignment for individual consultants for a period of 4 working days in a timeframe of two months. Tentatively this assignment will start in Nov 2022 (dates shall be confirmed).


3.6.1.   The consultant or their representative person will:          Sign with IMPACT a consultancy agreement and work as a resource person for the 4 days.    Discuss and agree with IMPACT on the final deliverable.         Design an appropriate process of the consultancy leading to the desired results.            Propose on the most appropriate methodology for effective delivery of the assignment.  Submit the final deliverables based on the objectives of thisassignement.



  • University degree in humanitarian/development related studies
  • Five years of experience in working with civil society in the MENA region (working on Syria is addition but it is important that applicants have experiences in other contexts)
  • Previous long experience in working with similar assignments like mediation, or moderation dialogues in themes related to citizenship
  • Knowledge and practical experience in working with civil society networks and alliances.
  • Experience working in armed conflict settings, particularly with CSOs, vulnerable groups and cross conflict border contexts;
  • A demonstrated high level of professionalism and an ability to work independently and with multiple partners.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in Arabic. English is a plus

3.8 Language:

The language of this consultancy including all deliverables is Arabic. Communication with SCNP team can be done in English or Arabic



4.1.1.   Consultant/ representative person are required to submit their technical and financial proposals the IMPACT HR department in English via the link


5.1.1.   The technical proposal should include but not limited to the following information:  A brief outline of recent experience and client references in carrying out assignments of similar nature (Max. 1 pages)     Detailed description of how the consultant understands and will respond to the ToR including time frame.      Curriculum Vitae of consultants.   The consultant methods to provide this consultancy.


6.1.1.   The financial proposal must contain overall quotation in Euro for all the services to be provided and must follows the following:     Summary of the total costs for the services proposed        Any taxes applicable


7.1.1.   100% of the payment will be released to the consultant after completing the consultancy.


8.1.1.   Kindly use the link

8.1.2.   Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Should you not have heard from us within 2 weeks after the application deadline, please consider your application as being unsuccessful.

Child safeguarding policy:

IMPACT aims to create an organization that is safe for children but is also aware of the need to keep child protection concerns proportionate and to guard against over-zealous attitudes. Child abuse thrives in closed and secretive atmospheres. IMPACT’s best protection is to create an open and aware culture where people are not afraid to speak about their concerns.

Any employee, consultant, contractor, or the supplier undertaking an activity on behalf of IMPACT organization must sign the Child Safeguarding – Declaration of Acceptance Form and comply with the IMPACT Child Safeguarding Policy which is a statement of IMPACT’s commitment to preventing abuse and protecting children with whom it comes into contact.