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Type of vacancy: short term consultancy
Duration: 5 months
Anticipated start date: 1. July 2020
Location: preferably Lebanon – based


IMPACT- Civil Society research and development e.V.: is a civil society organization established in Berlin in 2013 and has offices in Iraq, Turkey and Syria. Supporting civil society is the core of IMPACT’s mission. IMPACT is a catalyst for cooperation and exchange of experiences and ideas between local civil society actors themselves and with their international peers. in addition to that, it offers support to civil society actors and activists with a local-sensitive and holistic approach including assessment, research, training, long-term coaching and financial support. To that end, IMPACT grows and sustain a network of civil society actors, to jointly advocate for democracy, human rights and diversity.

Project overview and job description

The project “Gender Sensitivity Toolkit for CSOs” comes as a part of a wider strategy that is being developed by IMPACT to support gender sensitivity within Syrian civil society, and to build on previous research on “Gender Dynamics within Syrian CSOs”. The Toolkit and guideline serve the purpose to increase the awareness of Syrian CSOs around gender-sensitivity, to introduce them to specific tools on how to be more sensitive to gendered aspects of their work and to ensure their organizational structure and culture contribute to increased gender justice in Syrian society and communities of the diaspora. For that purpose, IMPACT is looking for a consultant to join its team, and lead the process of building, finalizing and disseminating the toolkit.

Qualification criteria for lead consultant position

The lead consultant interested in applying to this consultancy should meet the following criteria, and demonstrate ability to carry on the specified tasks:

Qualifications, Knowledge and Experience:

  • Degree in social sciences, gender studies, or any related field.
  • 3+ years’ experience working on gender focused projects.
  • Experience in organizational capacity and internal regulations of CSOs
  • Excellent understanding of the Syrian context and the civil society landscape.
  • Experience in remote data collection and research methods.

Other Skills

  • Strategic thinking and forward planning
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills: ability to build and maintain professional and positive relations with: trainers, colleagues, researchers, partners and donors
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills: the ability to anticipate, pre-empt and solve problems (risk mitigation)
  • Excellent organizational skills and good follow-through
  • Excellent command of written and conversational Arabic and English.

Application process

For interested persons who meet the abovementioned criteria, please send a technical and financial offer no later than June 21st 2020 to the following email address:
[email protected]

The offer package should include:

  • Detailed resume highlighting relevant past experience.
  • A technical approach on how to carry on the assignment: This might include (but not limited to) data collection methods, time allocation plan, needed resources, and risk and limitations mitigation strategy.
  • A financial offer: in form of a deliverable-based rate or a monthly rate. An hourly rate might be acceptable if connected to a detailed workload estimation. financial offers should be submitted in the respective local currency of country of residence.
  • A sample of past work of similar scope.
  • Any other documents that might support the application.