Networks and Coalitions

Results of the first phase of mapping Syrian civil society actors

Activities gathered to communicate, bilateral support and multiply influence

Coalition: a grouping of organizations with a specific goal

Enlisted information:

  • Synopsis
  • Domain of work
  • Date of establishment
  • Number of member organizations
  • Areas of activity
  • Contacts

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This file was prepared by Citizens for Syria based on information from the field team, direct information from the management or online presence of the mentioned entities

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Compiled In 08.01.2016

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This coalition is the union of the medical Syrian NGOs, works all around Syria hoping to decrease the suffering of Syrian people and improve the medical services status in Syria. it was formed through participation of many Syrian doctors around the globe, and it’s considered now as the biggest actors in the medical field in Syria.

  • Domains: Health, Capacity building.
  • Founded: 29/1/2013
  • Member organizations: 15
  • Located in most of the Syrian land and some asylum countries and other countries around the world.

Syria Civil Defense

An assembly of civil defense committees in Syrian governorates

  • Domain: civil defense
  • Founded at: 2015
  • Member Organizations: 14
  • Geographical spread: almost all governorates
  • Contacts

Syrian Relief Network:

A coalition is a grouping of civil and local non-governmental organizations active in the relief field in Syria and neighbor countries and registered according to the laws of the countries they operate in.

  • Domain: relief, Health, Education.
  • Founded at 15/4/2013
  • Member organizations: 42
  • Located in most of the Syrian lands and some asylum countries and other countries.
  • Contacts

General Union of Charity and Relief Organizations:

A coalition that groups several Syrian organizations seeking the achievement of high standards of coordination and knowledge sharing in order unify their effort.

  • Domain: relief, Health, Development.
  • Founded at –
  • Member organizations: 152
  • Located in: Idle , Aleppo, Hama, and an office in Hatay-turkey
  • Contacts

Syria NGO Alliance (SNA)

  • Domain: relief, Education, health, Camp management.
  • Founded at 2013
  • Member organizations: 20
  • Located in:
  • Contacts

Union of German-Syrian humanitarian organizations
Verband Deutsch-syrische Hilfsvereine in Deutschland

A group of humanitarian organizations based in Germany with activities and branches inside Syria

  • Domain: relief, development
  • Founded at 2014
  • Member organizations: 24
  • Located in: Idleb, Aleppo, Daraa and based in Germany
  • Contacts