Vacancy: Consultant for The Development of Countering Violent Extremism and Reintegration Strategy


IMPACT–Civil Society Research and Development e.V., founded in Berlin in 2013, is a non-profit civil society organization with offices in Iraq, Turkey and Syria. Civil society support is the core of IMPACT’s mission through long-term and balanced support to individuals and organizations in the conflict and developed countries. IMPACT main areas of intervention are capacity building, research, peace building and diaspora engagement.


This project aims to develop a sustainable local (sub-national) strategy with an action plan for preventing and countering violent extremism focusing on the reintegration of returnees from camps and detention facilities by involving influential community leaders, such as tribal leaders, civil society organizations, and activists, as well as international donors and NGOs, and local governing bodies in northeastern Syria, in addition to international actors. Through the creation of a committee representing all the above-mentioned actors alongside IMPACT’s local staff. The project will adopt a participatory local dialogue approach led by topic experts focusing on hosting meetings and workshops with relevant stakeholders, such as the Directorate of Displaced Persons and Camps, the Organizations’ Affairs Office, civil councils, partner organizations for reintegration projects, international organizations, and representatives from the civil society and displaced persons. With the aim to enhance the efficiency and accountability regarding the reintegration efforts in NES by creating a channel of communication with the different influential stakeholders, including several departments and officials within AANES, and allowing public oversight through the committee over the implemented release and reintegration processes.


The assignment involves developing a comprehensive strategy and action plan for de-radicalization and social reintegration of violent elements in NES (Northeast Syria) in consultation with the project team and key stakeholders, incorporating international best practices.

The consultant will be responsible for preparing and implementing a strategy framework and support developing the strategy.

The assignment is aimed to achieve following objectives:

  1. Developing a strategic structure and action plan in consultation with the project team.
  2. In partnership with the IMPACT research field team, review the stakeholders map and conduct desk and field research on the current reintegration approach in NES, as well as international best practices.
  3. Proposing the work plan.
  4. Provide strategy outlines for the committee to develop within the agreed work plan.
  5. Review the document(s) developed by the committee and comment.
  6. When necessary, conduct meetings with committee members, stabilization actors and official offices.


  1. Use a combination of presentations, interactive sessions, and group work to develop the strategy skeleton.
  2. Present key elements and structure of the strategy outlines, followed by group exercises to draft specific sections.
  3. Use brainstorming sessions to gather diverse inputs and perspectives.
  4. Conduct group discussions to review and refine the draft outlines, ensuring alignment with the overall strategy.


  1. Initial Strategy and Action Plan Framework
  2. Updated Stakeholder Map
  3. Final CVE and re-integration strategy
  4. Final report for the assignment.


The assignment will be online over Google Meet or Zoom platforms.


This assignment for individual consultants for a period of 4 months between June 2024 to October 2024 inclusive. The workload is estimated to encompass 17 days.


The consultant will:

  1. Sign with IMPACT a consultancy agreement.
  2. Discuss and agree with IMPACT on the final training package, content and deliverables.
  3. Design an appropriate process of the training leading to the desired results.
  4. Propose on the most appropriate training methodology for effective delivery of the assignment.
  5. Device the tools required for each session of the training.
  6. Satisfactorily facilitate the training sessions and ensure active engagement of all the participants.
  7. Share relevant training materials and provide any resource materials for further reading and reference by trained staff.
  8. Design a questionnaire for pre and post-test (to be used before and after the workshop) for workshops to gauge the level of understanding of the participants about the topics discussed in the training workshop. Compile and submit quality training report (one soft copy)


The resource person/consultant should possess following qualifications and expertise:

  1. An advanced degree in Political science, Nonprofit Management, or related fields is preferable.
  2. Proven experience in conducting similar trainings, preferably in conflict or post-conflict regions.
  3. Excellent command of Arabic and English.
  4. Strong facilitation and interpersonal skills.


The technical proposal should include but not limited to the following information:

  1. A brief outline of recent experience and client references in carrying out assignments of similar nature (Max. 1 pages)
  2. Detailed description of how the consultant understands and will respond to the ToR including an initial outline and a time frame
  3. Curriculum Vitae.


The financial proposal must contain overall quotation in USD for all the services to be provided and must follow the following:

  1. Summary of the total costs for the services proposed.
  2. An itemized breakdown of the costs associated with each training day and each follow-up session.
  3. Any taxes if applicable.


100% of the payment will be released after completing the work.


Please submit the following documents to [email protected] no later than Jun 20th, 2024, at 00:00 UTC.

  1. Updated CV.
  2. Technical proposal must be signed.
  3. Financial proposal following RFQ form, must be signed.
  4. Conflict of interest declaration form must be signed.
  5. A copy of the ToR must be signed along with supporting documents that demonstrate skills/competencies, otherwise the proposal will not be considered.

Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Scoring and Selection Criteria:

Application will be assessed based on the following criteria:

  • Financial Assessment: 20%
  • Technical Assessment 80% as follows:

  1. Context Knowledge: Familiarity with the region’s specifics and proven experience in capacity building within this context 20%.
  2. Topic Expertise: Depth of experience and knowledge in the specific training topic 20%.
  3. Training Experience and Skills: Demonstrated proficiency and effectiveness in training delivery and facilitation 20%.

Proposal Assessment: How well the proposed outline aligns and responds to the stated objectives 20%.