We Exist! Second workshop

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During the first three days of March 2017, IMPACT hosted the second conference of (WE EXIST!) project in Berlin – Germany with the attendance of the 23 leaders and advocacy specialists from Syrian and International NGOs, The project aims to correct the international perception of Syria & Syrian conflict, clarifying the effective role of Syrian population and civil society in the Syrian context and deliver that corrected image to people of Europe. We Exist aims to create an alliance of organizations joining forces to create a better understanding of the conflict dynamics and the decisive role of people.

“We exist!” is a joint initiative by a number of prominent and active civil society organizations and actors, working together to ensure that the role of civil society is central to any thinking and planning on Syria. “We exist!” seeks to shape an international narrative on Syria and Syrians based on information, experiences, technical expertise and recommendations of civil society actors working directly with Syrians.

Participants are following up to announce the alliance in April and continue the joint work