Networks and Coalitions

Results of the first phase of mapping Syrian civil society actors

Activities gathered to communicate, bilateral support and multiply influence

Coalition: a grouping of organizations with a specific goal

Enlisted information:

  • Synopsis
  • Domain of work
  • Date of establishment
  • Number of member organizations
  • Areas of activity
  • Contacts

Disclaimer: listings doesn’t follow any order

This file was prepared by Citizens for Syria based on information from the field team, direct information from the management or online presence of the mentioned entities

If you notice any false information or sensitive information that should not be displayed for security reasons, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will examine your query as soon as possible.

Compiled In 08.01.2016

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This coalition is the union of the medical Syrian NGOs, works all around Syria hoping to decrease the suffering of Syrian people and improve the medical services status in Syria. it was formed through participation of many Syrian doctors around the globe, and it’s considered now as the biggest actors in the medical field in Syria.

  • Domains: Health, Capacity building.
  • Founded: 29/1/2013
  • Member organizations: 15
  • Located in most of the Syrian land and some asylum countries and other countries around the world.

Syria Civil Defense

An assembly of civil defense committees in Syrian governorates

  • Domain: civil defense
  • Founded at: 2015
  • Member Organizations: 14
  • Geographical spread: almost all governorates
  • Contacts

Syrian Relief Network:

A coalition is a grouping of civil and local non-governmental organizations active in the relief field in Syria and neighbor countries and registered according to the laws of the countries they operate in.

  • Domain: relief, Health, Education.
  • Founded at 15/4/2013
  • Member organizations: 42
  • Located in most of the Syrian lands and some asylum countries and other countries.
  • Contacts

General Union of Charity and Relief Organizations:

A coalition that groups several Syrian organizations seeking the achievement of high standards of coordination and knowledge sharing in order unify their effort.

  • Domain: relief, Health, Development.
  • Founded at –
  • Member organizations: 152
  • Located in: Idle , Aleppo, Hama, and an office in Hatay-turkey
  • Contacts

Syria NGO Alliance (SNA)

  • Domain: relief, Education, health, Camp management.
  • Founded at 2013
  • Member organizations: 20
  • Located in:
  • Contacts

Union of German-Syrian humanitarian organizations
Verband Deutsch-syrische Hilfsvereine in Deutschland

A group of humanitarian organizations based in Germany with activities and branches inside Syria

  • Domain: relief, development
  • Founded at 2014
  • Member organizations: 24
  • Located in: Idleb, Aleppo, Daraa and based in Germany
  • Contacts

The Syrian Civil Coalition (Tamas)

Unclosed gathering of Syrian civil society organizations and activists both inside Syria and abroad, aims to build the culture of citizenship and dedicate the concept of human rights with a collective affective vision, seeks the good of the Syrian people in rights, freedom and social justice through involving the Syrian civil society in decision making and crystalize the public opinion and create fruitful initiatives.

  • Domain: governance, peace building, development and media.
  • Founded in February 2014
  • Member organizations: 52
  • Located in most of the Syrian areas, neighbor countries and asylum countries.
  • Contacts

Syria Hope Alliance for Modernity and Liberty (SHAML)

This coalition is self-presented as: a pioneer active group that seeks avoiding the bad impact of the recent Syrian crisis that affected the Syrian society, through supporting the existence of a democratic civil Pluralistic system based on the principles of social justice, freedom. it seeks creating a collective form for all society categories working with high values and collective values.

  • Domain: Development, education, citizenship, human rights advocacy.
  • Founded in early 2015
  • Member organizations: 7
  • Located in Homs, Dera’a, Aleppo, Damascus Rural, Turkey and Lebanon.

Union of Syrian civil society organizations (USCSO)

an independent, non-governmental, nonpolitical union, does not discriminate its members due to any sectarian, religious, national or race background.

  • Domain: relief, health, studies.
  • Founded in January 12th of 2012
  • Member organizations: 79
  • Located in most of the Syrian lands and some asylum countries and other countries.


Mobadron Network:

Mobadron is developing integrated specialized programs to empower members and groups of expertise that cover the local needs and make them able to activate their role in their societies through depending on local sources and building partnerships that can participate in launching fruitful initiatives and projects.

  • Domain: Education, capacity building, citizenship
  • Founded in 2010
  • Volunteers count: 5000
  • Located in most of the Syrian lands and some asylum countries and other countries.
  • Contacts

Watan Syria:

A System build of multi-directed civil society organizations, works on creating a general Renaissance in the Syrian society.
Works on building the human and society through a group of active civil society organizations with professional specialized teams, and makes sure to be around the whole country of Syria conducting several developmental projects.

  • Domain: Relief, Health, Education, Capacity building.
  • founded in 2012
  • Member organizations 7
  • Located in most of the Syrian lands and some asylum countries and other countri

The Syrian Development and Relief Collective (CODDSY)
le Collectif du Développement et du Secours Syrien

A collective of Syrian and French organizations aims to support organizations and local projects in Syria through partnering with implementing partners

  • Domain: development, relief
  • Founded at 22/10/2012
  • Member organizations: 9
  • Located at Idleb, Damascus rural, Aleppo, Lebanon and based in France
  • Contacts



Civil society platform

An initiative of the center of civil society and democracy (CCSDS), aims to create assemblies of civil society to participate in any possible negotiations in future

  • Domain: political participation
  • Founded at 2014, the national platform will be announced in 15/01/2016
  • Member organizations: over 100 in 14 platforms
  • Located at most of Syrian governorates, based in Gaziantep-Turkey
  • Contacts

childhood guardians (Hurras)

The network was initiated by a group of specialized in psycho-social support and child-protection, started in 2012 in Daraya in Damascus suburbs, the network provides psycho-social services to children, and works on raising awareness of children rights and children welfare to create the required development in society

  • Domain: children welfare, children protection and training
  • Founded at January 2012
  • Member organizations: 5 educational institutions, 20 partner organizations, 115 experts
  • Located at Damascus, Damascus rural, Aleppo, Idleb, Qunaitra, Hasakey
  • Contacts

Save Our Syria

A coalition of organizations aims to advocate at the international community to allow Syrians to develop a Syrian-oriented solution for the crisis and influence Vienna’s communique 2015. The coalition is facilitated by Independent Diplomats

  • Domain: advocacy
  • Founded at 10/2015
  • Member organizations: 30 and some individuals
  • Located at some Syrian governorates and countries abroad
  • Contacts


Planet Syria

A group of organizations working in advocacy and monitoring, launched recently a campaign to stop barrel bombs, lead by Syria campaign and Dawlaty

  • Domain: advocacy
  • Founded at 2015
  • Member organizations: 98
  • Located at almost all governorates, Lebanon and Turkey
  • Contacts

General Committee in East Ghoutta (Damascus Rural )

Was initiated to group the representatives of civil entities in one body to supervise and run the Ghoutta’s issues, the committee has a political commission that oversees the truces and implement it

  • Domain: coordination , development, political participation
  • Founded at 2015
  • Member organizations: 84 organization and 234 individual
  • Located at Damascus rural
  • Contacts


Hama Organizations coalition (Ilaf)

A charity and coordination non-governmental committee seeks to enhance the livelihood conditions of those in need especially families of martyrs, wounded, detainees and displaced people

  • Domain: coordination, relief
  • Founded at 2015
  • Member organizations: 14 organization
  • Located at Hama rural
  • Contacts


Civil Society Activities in Kobani

A voluntarily framework that gathers several NGO’s, Syndicates, Cultural organizations and social and economic individuals in Kobani

  • Domain: coordination , Development, Advocacy
  • Founded at 2013
  • Member organizations: 5
  • Located at Kobani
  • Contacts

Civil Activity Forum in Al-Hasakeh

Initiated to coordinate the activities of civil society organizations in order to be able to better perform its role, enlarge the audience group in Al-Hasakeh governorate and forming a code of conduct for CSO’s

  • Domain: coordination Development
  • Founded at 12\12\2015
  • Member organizations: 6

Syrian Women Network (Shams)

The network includes democratic and independent non-profit organizations and individuals aims to empower women on all levels, change the preconceptions about women, achieve gender equality, advocate democracy and human rights, peace uilding, transitional justice and assure the participation of women in the decision making levels in future syria. The network also fosters communication with organizations with similar goals to empower women

  • Domain: gender equality, education and human rights
  • Founded in may 2013
  • Member organizations: 30 organizations and around 200 individuals
  • Located at many governorates, especially in Damascus and Lattakia
  • Contacts

Syrian Women Initiative for Peace and Democracy

A political initiative aims to empower women participation in negotiations, the initiative took part in Geneva talks, doesn’t have a presence inside Syria but continued working from abroad.

The initiative contains several women organizations and networks and was founded based on Geneva communique and security council resolution Nr. 2534 under support of UNWomen

  • Domain: women participation
  • Founded at 2014
  • Member organizations: 8
  • Located at
  • Contacts

Syrian Feminist Lobby

A political independent lobby, aspires the equal participation of women and men in all political decision making processes in Syria and on all levels

  • Domain: advocacy, political participation
  • Founded at 2014
  • Member organizations: individuals
  • Located at –
  • Contacts


Women Cultural Forum in Qamilshy

Aims to create a meeting space for women for culutural exchange, capacity building, empowering and educating women

  • Domain: advocacy, capacity buildign
  • Founded at 15\8\2015
  • Member organizations: 3
  • Located at Qamishly
  • Contacts

NAI network:

This network presents a virtual meeting place for all media production that is related to Syrian children and adolescents.

  • Domain: Child protection, Adolescent protection, magazines.
  • Founded in late 2014
  • Magazines count: 6
  • Located in each of Deraa’a Aleppo, Idlleb and Damascus Rural.


Syrian Radio Stations Network SyrNet

A coalition between several Syrian radio stations to share reports and journal stories in addition to interviews and comments, in addition to sharing broadcasting hours among the partner radios on radio stations and mini-devices spread in Syria, the network is supported by MICT-Berlin, Germany

  • Domain: media, documentation
  • Member radio stations: 7
  • Located in most of the Syrian lands and some asylum countries and other countries.


Syrian Network of Print-media

A network of 7 Syrian independent newspapers share a vision and aims to provide a professional media content, introduce strategies to cooperate and coordinate practical matters like shared printing and distributing, professional development through shared workshops and taking similar attitudes toward national issues through common campaigns and statements, the network is printing all 7 newspapers and distributes them in Syrian and Turkey

  • Domain: Media. Journalist training
  • Founded at 2015
  • Member organizations: 7
  • Located at most of Syrian governorates
  • Contacts


A group of Syrian radios and registered in Turkey as Kule Derneği

  • Domain: Media
  • Founded at 2014
  • Member organizations: 6 radios
  • Located at Northern areas
  • Contacts


Ethical Charter for Syrian Media

A group of independent media organizations and institutes that put a charter to organize the media-related activities and work of Syrian organizations

  • Domain: Media, coordination
  • Founded at 2015
  • Member organizations: 36
  • Located at majority of Syrian governorates
  • Contacts