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(Previously known as Citizens for Syria) is a civil society organization established in Berlin in 2013 with presence in Syria and Iraq, and is represented in Turkey through a sister organization. With many years of experience in the Syrian crisis, our team embodies both a deep understanding of the Syrian context, as well as an academic and professional experience in technical, research and managerial fields. We have a long and extensive experience with civil society and concrete connections to international movements and organizations.

Supporting Syrian civil society in Syria and abroad is the core of IMPACT’s mission. IMPACT is a catalyst for cooperation and exchange of experiences and ideas between Syrian civil society, actors themselves and with their international peers. To that end, we grow and sustain a network of civil society actors, to jointly support democracy, diversity and development in Syria, the Middle East and Europe.

IMPACT CSRD is a non-profit organization that works in Germany and in the Middle East with a special presence in all Syrian regions and neighboring countries. IMPACT’s main office is in Berlin, but also has offices in Turkey and in the Kurdistan Region- Iraq, with several offices in Syria and representatives in Jordan and Lebanon.

Our Vision:

An active and well-connected civil society that is capable of developing a vision and forging policies that respect democracy and human rights values, both nationally and globally.

Our Mission:

IMPACT aims to empower civil society to become a driver for change, a guarantor for human rights and good governance, by offering spaces that enable the exchange of knowledge and resources, development of capacity and conducting relevant research.

Our Values:

  • Citizenship:  we believe in citizenship as a foundation for equality and active participation toward change.
  • Solidarity: we express and urge solidarity with all freedom-seeking movements worldwide and see ourselves as a part of the international movement for democracy.
  • Professional conduct: we conduct our activities and services to the highest standards based on ethical and professional values, regardless of religion, ethnicity, gender, sect or race.
  • Diversity: we see diversity as a factor of strength and a driver for development; we respect the diversity of individuals and communities and seek to create safe spaces for expression and creativity.
  • Transparency and Accountability: we believe in the freedom of access to information within regulatory parameters, we participate in creating a transparent environment by providing information to our stakeholders. As a main pillar of good governance, we encourage transparency among civil society and local authorities.
  • Partnership: we believe that individual efforts are not enough to create change, we therefore seek to establish partnerships with likeminded organizations and those who share our common values and aims.

Our Team:

IMPACT’s main point of strength lies in its well-trained, professional and active team, with diverse backgrounds. The team is spread across Syria, neighboring countries and Europe. The harmony among such a dispersed and diverse team came from the belief in a common goal. All team members are actively participating in political and social movements at a local and national level.

Five field teams are spread throughout Syria, each has a team leader and up to 20 team members in addition to many volunteers, who are trained in data collection and evaluation. A team of trainers is also located in all regions and equipped to train in several areas of organizational development. The management is a team with professional background in business and development, who work in three main hubs, Berlin, Gaziantep and Erbil.