Mapping Syrian Civil Society Actors – Phase I

Results of the first phase of mapping Syrian civil society actors

Here, you will find the results of the first phase of mapping Syrian civil society actors in order to provide you with a complete picture of the civic scene while also offering detailed information about these organizations.

The final number of organizations we recorded is 1,012, however hereafter we present the results of the 837 which we were able to verify, the rest of the organizations will undergo a verification process in order to publish the relevant information later.

This phase of the mapping is a primary and ground-touching exercise to prepare for a detailed data collection that will follow over a period of 4 months which will focus on the maturity and profession of the Syrian CSO’s and will be updated quarterly.

The presentation of the data is presented in an interactive map, various charts and a table with an advanced search function. Some information we collected is not presented here. This due to the fact that it is either it’s not complete e.g. the date of establishment and number of affiliates is missing, or because of some technical issues that prevent us from displaying all the information in a table, because it is simply too complex for this mode of presentation.

In case of any questions, incorrect information or for adding your organization’s information please do not hesitate to contact us

To access the profiles of organizations on the internal platform, please fill in the application here

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Table with search function

Several interactive and static charts

An interactive map of governates and organizations active in it

Download the full-report in English

Results and Conclusions


Networks and Coalitions of CSO’s

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