Gender Sensitivity toolkit for CSOs

The toolkit and guideline serve the purpose to increase the awareness of Syrian CSOs around gender-sensitivity, to introduce them to specific tools on how to be more sensitive to gendered aspects of their work and to ensure their organizational structure and culture contribute to increased gender justice in Syrian society and communities of the diaspora.

The toolkit is composed on two main components: first is an interactive assessment tool and second is a set of guidelines and policy samples to be adapted by CSOs.

the toolkit is developed based on recommendations provided in the research report “Gender Dynamics within Syrian CSOs

Gender Sensitivity Assessment Tool for CSOs

The G-SAT is a self-assessment tool in which all staff within the organization take part of evaluating the current status of gender equality at their workplace. The main purpose of this tool is to help identify gaps, areas of strength and achievements, relevant policies or practices, and continuing challenges as a basis for action planning, towards gender mainstreaming.

Once you have completed the G-SAT questions, your responses will be tallied and analyzed. The results of the analysis will serve as the basis for a tailored report on gender mainstreaming status in your organization, and related recommendations.


The guidelines presented in the toolkit aim to provide the CSOs with resources and tools to enhance gender sensitivity and justice within the CSO and subsequently with the wider communities. The guidelines are designed in accordance with areas covered in the assessment tool and are publically available for interested CSOs to adapt to their needs and working environment.

The training guidelines and policy samples are available to download at the bottom of the page.


The toolkit was developed with the support of Friedrich Ebert Stiftung and in partnership with Formera.

About Formera: Formera is a provider of data management technology and consultation services. Formera has the ability to meet the most complex humanitarian response and development programs’ requirements and needs. It designed to help organizations leverage data to increase the efficiency of their projects and achieve their goals.

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Legal disclaimer

  1. By taking the assessment tool I authorize IMPACT’s team to have access to data provided in the assessment tool.
  2. The assessment tool is an anonymized tool, no personal data will be requested. However, IMPACT might use the data collected through the assessment tool to generate general analysis reports and design future programs. In case of any identifiable information such as names of CSOs, IMPACT will seek a written approval from the involved CSO prior to using or publishing any data.

Training materials and other resources

Samples of recommended policies

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