Diaspora Mobilizationin Contexts of Political Uncertainties

IMPACT has assisted with the development of a research by DRC and Maastricht University
Diaspora Mobilization in Contexts of Political Uncertainties
Exploring the potentials, limits and future roles of theSyrian civil society in the Middle East and Europe

This study is based on the basic assumption that Syrian civil society actors in host countries act as agents of their own cause, the Syrian cause, in which they advocate for their own rights. Therefore, they will likely continue to play a significant role in Syria’s future. In order to grasp the nature of such engagement, this study explores the prospects for the future roles of Syrian civil society outside Syria, in light of the changing political realities inside Syria as well as in the host countries. At the same time, we aim to inform policy development to empower Syrian civil society organizations outside Syria by documenting sector- specific and context-related challenges and opportunities as well as their needs and resources.

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