Invisible Sanctions

How over-compliance limits humanitarian work on Syria- Challenges of Fund Transfer for Non-Profit Organizations Working on Syria

Multiple sanctions regimes and international anti-terrorist regulations have pushed the banks to follow strict procedures when they provide their services to NGOs and INGOs working on Syria. This, combined with economic and political pressures in the neighboring countries where these NGOs operate, has made it extremely difficult for the NGOs to move or access funds to support their programs, and eventually effected their ability to help the Syrian population in desperate need for support.

You will find in this report:

  • Key findings on the challenges and obstacles facing NGOs and INGOs working on Syria in their dealings with banks to transfer funds for their operations.
  • Analysis of key issues encountered by humanitarian organizations posed by the various sanctions regimes, particularly those imposed by the US.
  • The effects of the existing sanctions regimes and banks’ over-compliance on the NGOs’ ability to deliver vital humanitarian services in the country
  • Recommendations for State actors, the neighboring countries, the EU, the banks, on how to reduce the obstacles facing humanitarian work on Syria.

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Summary and Recommendations



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